Large Capacity Hydrogenators / High Mass Transfer Area Reactors


Nano-Mag make High Mass Transfer Area Reactors Hydrogenators are specially designed for various Gas-Liquid reactions. These large scale reaction vessels are robustly built for longer life and to withstand constantly varying temperatures and pressures due to internal reaction conditions. These gas induction reactors are fitted with specially designed Agitator which creates very high gas-liquid contact area by recirculation of headspace gases, leading to superior mass transfer rates. Agitator is available with two sealing options such as Mechanical Seal & Magdrive.

Along with Hydrogenators, we offer different accessories like flameproof control panel, rupture disc, safety relief valve, automatic pressure & temperature controllers, PID controlled DM water cooling system for exotherm removal etc. These high volume reactors are used in various gas liquid reactions with gases like Hydrogen, Ethylene Oxide, Ammonia, Oxygen, HCL, Phosgene, CO₂, CO, Air etc. We have successfully installed large number of gas-liquid reactors and hydrogenators. Our design and engineering abilities, combined with our fabrication and machining facilities allow us to manufacture custom made reactors for most critical applications. Contact us to find a best solution for your requirement of commercial scale reactors.
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Advantages & Benefits

  • High Mass Transfer Area: Self-operating impeller recirculates headspace gases through hollow shaft. The impeller disperses the gas vigorously in the liquid column resulting in very high gas-liquid interfacial area
  • Faster Reaction: High mass transfer area leads to faster reactions
  • Shorter Batch Time: Faster rate of reaction leads to shorter batch time
  • Lesser Catalyst Loading: Very high gas-liquid interfacial area ensures that excess catalyst loading is avoided
  • Minimum impurities: Shorter batch time ensures that there are no unwanted side reactions.
  • Higher yields: Less impurity ensures highest possible yields
  • Better Product Economy: Shorter batch time, optimum catalyst usage and highest yields ensure best product economy


  • Hydrogenator capacities from 50 ml to 50kl
  • Pressure range from full vacuum to 350 bar
  • Temperature range from cryogenic to 600°C
  • Different material of constructions like SS 316, SS 316L, Hastelloy C, Zirconium, Inconel, Monel, Titanium, Nickel etc.
  • Conforming to international standards CE, PED, ASME, ATEX etc.
  • Explosion bended cladding options for cost effective design
Maximum Operating Volume100 litres160 litres250 litres400 litres500 litres630 litres1000 litres1600 litres2000 litres2500 litres3000 litres4000 litres5000 litres6300 litres8000 litress10000 litres12500 litres16000 litres20000 litres25000 litres32000 litres40000 litres
Total volume152 litres234 litres351 litres530 litres652 litres827 litres1322 litres2262 litres2699 litres3309 litres3976 litres5346 litres6553 litres8214 litres10564 litres13058 litres16255 litres21060 litres26040 litres32491 litres41628 litres52294 litres
Motor typeStandardVFD compatible Flame proof AC motor for Group IIA/IIB gases
OptionalVFD compatible Flame proof AC motor for Group IIC gases
Motor Rating (HP)1.51.5235557.57.510151520253030304040405060
OptionalNot Applicable197195
Heating ProvisionStandardJacketLimpet
Heat Transfer Area1.011.381.792.
Vessel MaterialStandardSS 316
OptionalSS304, SS 316L, SS321, Hastelloy C-276, Hastelloy C-22, Nickel-200, Monel-400, Inconel, Titanium, Zirconium etc.
Cladded Material
Design PressureStandard35 bar20 bar OR 35 bar
OptionalUpto 150 bar
Design TemperatureStandard200°C
Optionalup to 400°C
Insulation & CladdingStandardNot Applicable
OptionalHot & Cold Insulation with SS 304 cladding
Standard NozzlesAgitator Entry, Handhole (up to 2 KL)/ Manhole (from 2.5 KL), H₂ Inlet, N₂ Inlet, Process Inlet, Catalyst Inlet, Vent, Safety Relief Valve, Rupture Disc, Thermowell, Pressure Indicator, Sampling Dip Pipe, Blow Leg, Bottom Drain, Utility Inlet, Utility Outlet, Utility Vent, Utility Drain
Internal FittingsStandardThermowell, Dip Pipe, Baffles
OptionalInternal Cooling Coil, Blow Leg, Sparger Ring, Spray Balls
AgitatorStandardHollow shaft with High mass transfer area gas induction impellar
OptionalAnchor, PBT, Helix
Agitator SealingStandardZero Leakage Magnetic Drive Coupling
OptionalDouble Mechanical Seal with Thermosyphon pot
Double Mechanical Seal with Forced Lubrication system
GasketStandardSolid PTFE / Expanded PTFE / PTFE Enveloped with non-asbestos insert
OptionalSpiral Wound Metallic Gasket
Electrical SupplyVolts AC3Ø, 415 ± 10%
Frequency50 Hz
MountingLug Brackets

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Our Reactors are ideal for various Gas-Liquid Reactions with following gases:

  • Hydrogen
  • Ethylene Oxide
  • Ammonia
  • Oxygen
  • Air
  • HCL
  • Phosgene
  • CO2
  • CO
  • Chlorine
  • Bromine