Mini Magnetic Couplings Suitable For High Vacuum Distillation


Nano-Mag make Mini Magnetic Couplings are designed to suit all kinds of laboratory stirring applications where maintaining full vacuum or inside pressure in the glass flask is absolutely necessary.Presently R&D professionals use a gland packed glass shaft which cannot maintain desired positive or negative pressure in the glass flask. This results in very long distillation times, charring and polymerisation of material, longer reaction times etc. Due to these limitations of the current equipment, R&D professionals always have difficulty in generating accurate data with respect to various chemical processes. Nano-Mag make MINI MAGNETIC COUPLINGs are specially designed for laboratory glass flasks. One end of the coupling snugly fits on the nozzle of a glass flask while the other end can be coupled to stirrer motor. A glass shaft with PTFE impeller can be fitted on the bottom side.These magnetic couplings can fit various glass nozzle types such as B-34, B-29, B-24 etc. These couplings can easily handle torques of various DC Motors to stir the mass up to 200 Litre capacities.

Theseseal-less mini couplings offer leak-free, contamination free and emission-free mixing and stirring of mass for distillation. Combination of different adapter nozzles and coupling bores with different diameters is possible. These leak-proof,hermetically sealed couplings are suitable for full vacuum as well as ultra-high vacuum distillation.
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Advantages & Benefits

  • Absolute sealing: No air ingress in the flask and no vapour leakage outside the flask
  • No oxidation of material: Due to absolute sealing air ingress is pretended saving the material from getting oxidized
  • No drop in vacuum: Since there is no leakage of vapour outside of flask, the vacuum level does not drop. This makes environment safe from toxic vapours.
  • Very high rate of distillation: Preservation of high vacuum leads to faster distillation
  • No Charring/Polymerization of material: Faster distillation ensures minimum exposure of material to higher temperature. This prevents unwanted polymerization/ Charring/ discoloring of the material.
  • No Power Loss: Efficient magnetic torque transmission ensures no power loss through gland packing/ PTFE bush


  • Torque capacity up to 80 N-cm
  • Designed for full vacuum and ultra-high vacuum operations
  • Temperature range up to 250°C
  • Different material of constructions like SS 316, Hastelloy C-276
  • Available with different nozzle size and coupling diameters.
Model NumberNano-20Nano-40Nano-80
Torque (N-cm)204080
Suitable for flask VolumeMinimum100 ml3 Litres10 Litres
Maximum3 Litres10 Litres50 Litres
Design PressureSuitable for full vacuum and ultra-high vacuum
Design TemperatureUp to 250°C
MOC of CouplingStandardSS316
OptionalHastelloy C-276
Adapter Nozzle SizeB-24B-29B-34B-24B-29B-34B-45B-34B-45B-55Flange 4"Flange 6"
Coupling Bore Diameter (mm)6, 8, 108, 10, 12, 168, 10, 12, 16

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CFT Adaptor, PEEK bushing, Shroud Viton O-Ring, Adapter Viton O-Ring, SS 316 Coupling with CFT bush, 1 Allen key

Suitable for Vacuum or Negative pressure applications